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    My PhD destroyed my life

    User: Sabby777 - 09 January 2023 17:00

    I feel the same. What a waste of 5 to 6 years of hard work. I am trying to find a full scholarship but struggling to find even fully funded relevant research topics :(

    User: panpan19 - 04 March 2023 22:55

    Exactly the same. I spent 6.5 years, doing a part time PhD, now finishing dissertation but really want to quit. I lost my marriage, chance to have babies, in the mid age but luckily my career is ok but so much pressure trying to finishing coursework, exams, proposals and misunderstanding from my ex-husband. I find no reason to finish it, so tiered.

    User: NoemiDillon - 15 March 2023 07:29

    I'm very sorry for you, we often go to the goal without thinking about the consequences, it's very sad.

    User: NoemiDillon - 16 March 2023 13:39

    Thank you for approving the message.
    16 to 19 of 19 PostDoc Forum Posts

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