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    Missing part of results section pre-viva
    Catloverteadrinker [Registered User]
    Words of advise for anyone starting their PhD in psychology?
    Psy_PhD [Registered User]
    4 weeks left! Is it enough?
    hatemyphd84 [Registered User]
    Moving from UK to Germany
    pte_ni [Registered User]
    Mental Health Awareness Week 15-21 May 2023
    DrHopeIsOutThere [Registered User]
    Looking for fellow students & peers to chat to about my/ their research, support one another
    lbelltomkins2109 [Registered User]
    Difference of opinion with superviser
    Nicmcc23 [Registered User]
    Looking for a PhD
    MariaMat2402 [Registered User]
    My viva was awful - need advice
    desperate88 [Registered User]
    Anxiety - Scared of VIVA
    mpolotto [Registered User]
    6 weeks to submission
    castle85 [Registered User]
    Difference of opinion with superviser
    Nicmcc23 [Registered User]
    Fallen at the final hurdle; what can I do now?
    sunblind_93 [Registered User]
    VIVA confusing story
    mpolotto [Registered User]
    Journal Article
    explorer1 [Registered User]
    Question for those doing or having done a PhD in Mathematics
    Solidemo [Registered User]
    Confusion about a PhD offer...
    pte_ni [Registered User]
    New support and reading group!
    ummomar [Registered User]
    PhD Project Proposal Template
    Aokunade [Registered User]
    Visa requirement (Russia-Germany)
    Dmitrii1 [Registered User]
    2nd place on PhD reserve list
    cb667 [Registered User]
    Supervisor "borrows" ideas
    queserasera [Registered User]
    Research methods justifications
    MConn99 [Registered User]
    Is this the real life? Is this what an academic's job looks like?
    queserasera [Registered User]
    Unsuccessful PhD application
    River5 [Registered User]
    My PhD destroyed my life
    Polly33 [Registered User]
    Wanting to do phd
    Bestowluv [Registered User]
    PhD school on Fracture mechanics
    domdom [Registered User]
    How should I approach a re-viva with a potentially corrupt examiner?
    tr1992 [Registered User]
    Are there any academic alternatives to a PHD?
    brianc92101 [Registered User]
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