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Question about hypothesis but I did not know what to answer
huubte [Registered User]
Sealioned by ex-supervisor
glimmerbat [Registered User]
First choice for external examiner declined and second choice is not responding...
SGP [Registered User]
Haven't heard back from unis regarding PhD application/interview?
Jhowell [Registered User]
Phd Withdrawal - Data rights?
GiGi [Registered User]
No longer interested in the prospective supervisor
Sangi [Registered User]
Negative feedback on literature review
cc_alleb [Registered User]
How do you tell if your PhD supervisor is sexually harassing you?
sciencephd [Registered User]
Submitting a revised version of a published conference paper to a journal
bob86 [Registered User]
Torn and anxious
alexc4 [Registered User]
Failed to Apply for a Suspension of Studies - Feel Like Quitting Now
Amaryllis427 [Registered User]
Should I be doing more? or is my supervisor being too laid back?
springtime [Registered User]
I did not know that it is this lonely
chrismuhawe [Registered User]
to quit a phd
adan [Registered User]
Supervisor destroyed my love for science
Evelyn [Registered User]
crippling anxiety and only one phd interview
chronophobia [Registered User]
Supervisor just wonot let me Graduate
Zeoul [Registered User]
Doing a PhD with a 2:1 BEng (hons) and a MSc with a Merit
Wbuddila94 [Registered User]
Corrsponding Author Question
rewt [Registered User]
I am exhausted already
Sllona [Registered User]
Dyslexic with a PHD?
kathryn [Registered User]
Possible to submit corrections many years later?
manas [Registered User]
Waiting for reply after interview
BlueElephant [Registered User]
PhD in FEA or related fields - Questions
ashfaq267 [Registered User]
ESRC DTP open call application 2021
TaraH [Registered User]
Advice from economics students and researchers
emaa [Registered User]
Desperate for learning
Gimmick [Registered User]
Is this Normal?
kaydrew [Registered User]
Literature review tips, tricks and tactics
CH01 [Registered User]
prof treating as technician and delaying PhD
ashhh [Registered User]
1 to 30 of 60 PostDoc Forum Threads

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