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Topic Title
Found a Huge Methodology Flaw
rewt [Registered User]
Transferring to another university
giveittomestraight [Registered User]
Can somebody dumb down predictable chronic mild stress for me?
chrisplaza [Registered User]
stolen phd project
Giu [Registered User]
Need a PHD advisor
hhajj [Registered User]
PhD not awarded
just_eve [Registered User]
What to do between MA and PhD?
velvet82 [Registered User]
Approaching deadline to submit the manuscript of my thesis and feeling overwhelmed
Andraste [Registered User]
What PHD can i choose
hhajj [Registered User]
asamsonabidemi [Registered User]
Ownership equipment I got funding for
Disloe [Registered User]
Approaching Professor for a PhD
Happygirl [Registered User]
Best Methodology?
donebymonday [Registered User]
Corrections after PhD viva without scholarship or job
anne_with_an_e [Registered User]
PhD Studying time
MariaResearcher [Registered User]
Viva - not enough data, resubmission with extra Chapter
Swwt_phd [Registered User]
Job search after PhD viva
dotdottung [Registered User]
Advice on supervisor feedback issues
b41832 [Registered User]
Mjp689 [Registered User]
Scholarship application and project adverts
DanielCossey [Registered User]
Can I do a PhD in art with a 1st supervisor from the psychology department?
sarahanother [Registered User]
Can I do a PhD in art with a 1st supervisor from the phycology department?
sarahanother [Registered User]
minor error in Phd thesis spotted
nervousme [Registered User]
Dyslexic PhD student needs editing help
PhDLonghaul [Registered User]
Questionnaire Thesis Write Up
amydowse [Registered User]
Need extreme help with methodology (or method ?!)/what options do I have?!
Bahareh [Registered User]
Is there anyone still waiting for the final funding decision?
cheeseseeker [Registered User]
Awful Progress Review
lostimposter_ [Registered User]
Can corrections fail?
minirisks [Registered User]
How long would it take to hear PhD scholarship ?
Mehdi17 [Registered User]
1 to 30 of 60 PostDoc Forum Threads

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