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    Post-PhD job search woes
    bluejizo [Registered User]
    PhD after resubmission nightmare - thanks to all!
    PhDFinally19732 [Registered User]
    How Long Does it Take to Receive the Correction List After Getting Minor Corrections in a viva?
    samcassel [Registered User]
    Submitted my thesis! Now what?
    DarkDragon86 [Registered User]
    Going from PhD to a Masters in Research due to poor advisor support and input. What are my options?
    RESEARCHER_OMEGA [Registered User]
    12 months revise and resubmit finally ended with a pass with minor corrections
    tr1992 [Registered User]
    Post doc uncertainty
    hatemyphd84 [Registered User]
    Disappointed Postdoc: Is academia really that toxic?
    queserasera [Registered User]
    As a mature part-time student, what are the chances of getting a PhD?
    ninjaperrok9 [Registered User]
    Publishing from a theoretical monograph (humanities)
    ksja [Registered User]
    Have questions about postgraduate study?πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“
    FAUHolly [Registered User]
    Do you want to learn more about PhD study?πŸ§‘β€πŸŽ“
    FAUHolly [Registered User]
    Tinash [Registered User]
    Should I quit PhD and start full time job with just over 6 months left!?!?!?
    highopes [Registered User]
    🌟 Considering a PhD? πŸ“šβœ¨ - PhD LIVE Sheffield
    FAUHolly [Registered User]
    Viva horro
    Stephlovell [Registered User]
    Seeking Advice: Considering Filing a Complaint Against my Supervisor as a PhD Student
    Kelly92 [Registered User]
    Should I accept a PhD?
    EBit [Registered User]
    My PhD was taken away from me
    mysticdave [Registered User]
    Quiting my PhD
    Rhea_7788 [Registered User]
    PhD position
    aigulfatykhova [Registered User]
    Viva Voce preparation
    Ammu [Registered User]
    What to do?
    katiem [Registered User]
    Anxiety - Scared of VIVA
    mpolotto [Registered User]
    Peer review services (humanities)
    Eds [Registered User]
    IPA mentor needed
    andymit [Registered User]
    Need honest advice: failed my first PhD, leaving with MPhil: Attempt a second try for PhD?
    dravenchrist [Registered User]
    Leaving a job for postdoc
    kskeshri [Registered User]
    Toxic supervisor delaying graduation
    Eve1234 [Registered User]
    Dealing with unfair examiner, not received viva corrections and close approaching deadline
    Munem939 [Registered User]
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