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    Should I quit PhD and start full time job with just over 6 months left!?!?!?
    highopes [Registered User]
    Study partner / Accountability partner
    dondonny [Registered User]
    Drowning in theory
    pambam57 [Registered User]
    get Master thesis published after graduation
    Hedvig [Registered User]
    Thoughts on PhD stipend pay
    cucaracha [Registered User]
    Late thesis submission
    ajb [Registered User]
    How many interviews do I need for qualitative PhD?
    researcheroct97 [Registered User]
    PhD research work
    Amir_2022 [Registered User]
    4 weeks left! Is it enough?
    hatemyphd84 [Registered User]
    Is my topic for the research proposal good?
    MFP [Registered User]
    Thinking of quitting two days before submission deadline
    desperate88 [Registered User]
    FREE PhD study and funding fairs!
    FAUTom [Registered User]
    Systematic Review/Protocol Advice please
    Tantan [Registered User]
    Dissertation Topic Advice
    manshack [Registered User]
    I was threatened by my supervisor for termination
    zeryan [Registered User]
    Feedback from mature student who dropped out of phd
    Maturestoodent [Registered User]
    Starting postdoc before finishing PhD. Is that possible?
    alexandercarey1989 [Registered User]
    My PhD destroyed my life
    Polly33 [Registered User]
    Did you produce a powerpoint presentation for your viva?
    azhan [Registered User]
    Creative Writing PhD Thread
    lordfarquaat [Registered User]
    RVC phd Interview
    pickledpigeon [Registered User]
    Feeling numb and hopeless
    jw5 [Registered User]
    Study buddy
    Busra [Registered User]
    Can't motivate myself
    Arshi06 [Registered User]
    Lectureship v postdoc - advice please
    Tudor_Queen [Registered User]
    PhD Imposter Syndrome
    Jesse1309 [Registered User]
    Being enthusiastic/motivated towards PhD when you want a career change after
    oatmilk [Registered User]
    moving from doctorate into business, mid-career
    fallenonion [Registered User]
    Postdoctoral position: is it too late?
    Sid [Registered User]
    Advice sincerely needed for the next step of my PhD
    Pistol56 [Registered User]
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