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PhD anxiety, low self esteem and inadequacy - HELP
applepie [Registered User]
Paralyzed by choice
giveittomestraight [Registered User]
I need guidance to apply for a PhD
Carya [Registered User]
Part time job alongside EPSRC studentship
k100 [Registered User]
Advice for my PhD advisor relationship
PricklyPear [Registered User]
Advice on thesis writing (introcution)
PharmaWomen [Registered User]
PhD studentship Interview
OserereIbelegbu [Registered User]
Missed Deadline for Monthly Review at University of Birmingham
PhDinUK2022 [Registered User]
Diagram Form suitable for comparsion
Neya [Registered User]
Some updates after my last despairing post
jw5 [Registered User]
Confusion after UK Humanities Viva - RnR given but sounds like a pass?
Starsister87 [Registered User]
Horrible external examiner-viva ruined my life
grumpycat [Registered User]
Revise and resubmit a PhD thesis: can be done in three months?
Puning [Registered User]
Lilli411 [Registered User]
Looking for postdocs - how to explain lack of published papers?
Lou125 [Registered User]
Accountability Partner
markd1977 [Registered User]
Is PhD stipdent tax free if I have external funding?
Flossyb [Registered User]
Will AHRC fund a second PhD?
Ruthwhite [Registered User]
Study buddy
Busra [Registered User]
How to move past getting kicked out
lostandquestioning [Registered User]
How do you structure your day?
cucaracha [Registered User]
Advice needed: External Funding for a UK PhD (Cambridge University)
A_Ka [Registered User]
Anxiety over minor corrections
phd_candidate [Registered User]
Leniency due to COVID lockdowns?
n00bster [Registered User]
Are you unsure how to fund your Masters or PhD? 💸
FAUTom [Registered User]
Are there any academic alternatives to a PHD?
brianc92101 [Registered User]
Rejecting an accepted PhD offer for another - Does anyone have experience with this?
A_Ka [Registered User]
Tax-free UK Phd stipend taxed at home (Norway)
L00pZ [Registered User]
I was threatened by my supervisor for termination
zeryan [Registered User]
Research Framework
QuinnScarlet [Registered User]
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