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Left alone and insecure about mentorship
Nishanthi [Registered User]
Can I undertake a PhD?
PRC123 [Registered User]
UKRI PhD Stipends - applying for additional scholarships
Migracion_Es_Beautiful [Registered User]
Poor relationship with supervisor
Happygirl [Registered User]
Am I qualified to apply for a PhD?
MH15 [Registered User]
random_6772 [Registered User]
PhD Affecting all of my Relationships (family, friends, partner)
Fifthyear [Registered User]
Fork in the road - find work or PhD?
CJS_25 [Registered User]
Can i get PHD fully funded in scotland?
Fatima786 [Registered User]
I feel inferior to the other students in my program and I'm convinced I will outright fail
MoonMilk89 [Registered User]
Potential issues with supervisor - I would appreaciate any advice!
calmin57 [Registered User]
CV for PhD application: Including workshops from MRes? How to present MRes research experience?
fishfarmer [Registered User]
Should I publish a article before a Phd?
LDEY20 [Registered User]
JD Equivalency
CanadianLegal92 [Registered User]
ToLe [Registered User]
Roadblocks finally have me stuck
pambam57 [Registered User]
Demotivated and tired
ZaYA [Registered User]
Will low self-esteem hold me back?
highopes [Registered User]
Lonely, lost and struggling with start of PhD - any advice?
Lingobod [Registered User]
Major corrections as R&R
Phd20sb [Registered User]
Have you seen anyone who got a postdoc job without a first-authored paper?
sciencephd [Registered User]
Should I change my main supervisor and stand up against her?
Lydia2345 [Registered User]
PhD viva tomorrow can’t get myself to do a thing
wekkies [Registered User]
PhD fees
genomicandanesthesia20 [Registered User]
Nearing some sort of breakdown while waiting for examiners' reports...
MoonMilk89 [Registered User]
How to pass my First Year PhD VIVA??
Esra [Registered User]
My supervisor first student failed😢
Phd2020 [Registered User]
R&R and the nasty supervisor is threatening me
Phd2020 [Registered User]
Part Time PhD - Thinking quitting
stevieb143 [Registered User]
My PhD journey- from application, to corrections
Em89 [Registered User]
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