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    How does it work?

    FindAPostDoc is a site dedicated to advertising jobs for new & recently qualified PhD graduates Worldwide. The site couldn't be simpler to use - type or cut & paste your advert text into our on-line forms and it's instantly published until your specified closing date.

    We highly recommend applying tracking to the outbound links in your advert so you can track the impact of advertising with FindAPostDoc.

    How much does it cost & how do I pay?

    Advertising is free to PhD supervisors with projects on our sister site, and just £60 to all other users (UK). See the table below for a full breakdown of our prices:

    Region Price (+VAT)
    UK £60
    EU €72
    Rest of World $75
    FindAPhD Users Free

    You can pay on-line by credit card using our secure payment servers, or if you prefer we can send you an invoice - please have a purchase order number handy if you require one. We also charge a £10 upload fee for us to upload your listings.

    Can I edit my job once it is live?

    Yes, you will be asked to choose a password when you add your job. You can then login at any time and modify the details.

    How long does the advert last?

    Jobs stay valid until the closing date (or up to 90 days whichever is shorter). If you have not filled the post by this time, you can login and extend the deadline at no extra cost.

    I would like to add a job - how do I proceed

    Simply fill out your contact details below. You will then be taken to the on-line forms to add your job. Please make sure you have the following details to hand before proceeding

    • The full job details
    • Payment details (credit card / invoice address / FindAPhD username & password)
    • VAT registration number (required for all VAT-exempt institutions and non-UK EU institutions).

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