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Post-doctoral position in cancer stem cells and ageing

  • Application Deadline
    31 December 2022
    (application date has expired)

Post-doctoral positions are available in the Sikandar Lab in the Department of Molecular, Cell and Developmental Biology at the University of California – Santa Cruz. Nestled in the majestic Redwood forests near the Pacific Ocean, the department has a vibrant research community with strong focus on stem cell biology, RNA biology and Bioinformatics (home to UCSC genome browser). Our lab is affiliated with The Institute for the Biology of Stem Cells and UCSC Genomics Institute with access to state-of-the-art facilities.
Successful candidates will use a combination of single-cell transcriptomics, organoid assays and in vivo models to understand the functional consequences of transcriptional heterogeneity in epithelial stem cell populations during aging and in breast cancer. The long-term goal of the Sikandar lab is to identify molecular pathways that can be leveraged to develop novel preventive and therapeutic strategies for breast cancer.
Applicants with demonstrated experience in any of the following areas are highly encouraged to apply: Stem Cell Biology, Cell Biology, Developmental Biology, Single-cell transcriptomics, Organoid models, Cancer biology and Mouse models.
As your post-doctoral advisor, I am fully committed to your success and I will support you to reach the career goals that you set for yourself. UCSC has exceptional career development programs for post-doctoral fellows. In addition, its close proximity to other universities in San Francisco Bay Area and the biotech startups make it an ideal location to forge relationships with other academic labs as well as industry. Please email me (ssikanda at ucsc.edu) with a cover letter stating your scientific background and interest, your CV and names/addresses of your advisors. Applicants from underrepresented groups in sciences are highly encouraged to apply. Informal inquires also are welcome!

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