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Post-doc position in the field of “Flexible electrical devices using conductive and shape memory gels”

  • Application Deadline
    31 July 2020
    (application date has expired)
  • Contact Name
    Professor Insu Jeon

We are looking for an outstanding post-doc researcher who is able to fabricate “Flexible electrical devices using conductive and shape memory gels” completely by him- or herself and has good ability of writing English paper for high quality international Journal.

A researcher who has the background and experiences in
- Flexible electrical devices (Supercapacitors, Batteries, Energy harvesting systems)
- Conductive and shape memory gels
- Synthesizing comonomers using various monomers
- Chemical, Optical, Mechanical characterization of the fabricated gels
- Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Polymer chemistry or Polymer physics
are welcomed.

Until this time, we published papers in Advanced Materials (I.F.: 25.809), Advanced Science (I.F.: 15.804), Materials Horizons (I.F.: 14.356), Water research (I.F.: 7.913), Chemical Engineering Journal (I.F.: 8.355), ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces (I.F.: 8.456), Extreme Mechanics Letters (I.F.: 4.075), Soft Matters (I.F.: 3.399)
(Please see,

At the first contracted year, the researcher will receive 3,200,000 KRW/month as a salary (including tax), 3,200,000 KRW/year as a discharge allowance, and some amount of incentive.

The work will start from August, 2020.

Interested researchers are encouraged to submit their Curriculum Vitae to the email address below:

Professor Insu Jeon,
School of Mechanical Engineering
Chonnam National University
77 Yongbong-ro, Buk-gu, Gwangju, 61186, Republic of Korea
Tel. : +82-62-530-1688
Fax. : +82-62-530-1689
e-mail : [email protected], [email protected]

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