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***CALL 2 OPEN NOW***** PROCESS: Engineering Solutions for the Process Industry, A Marie Skłodowska-Curie COFUND Postdoctoral Fellowship. (8 fellowships available in Call 2).

  • Application Deadline
    02 March 2020
    (application date has expired)
  • Job Salary
    Full details available in Guide for Applicants www.process-cofund.eu
  • Website
  • Contact Name
    Kristy Sirr

PROCESS: “Engineering Solutions for the Process Industry” invites applications across several relevant research areas including process modelling and integrated process control, Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) and smart data management, to promote processing agility and flexibility within an Industry 4.0 framework. Interdisciplinary proposals are encouraged.
The two-year fellowship will include an individual research project under the academic supervision of a researcher affiliated with one of the participating centres and a non-academic supervisor, likely a relevant industry partner representative. An employment contract, attractive salary, and excellent working conditions will be provided for the duration of the 2-year Fellowship, which includes a 3-6 month mandatory secondment to industry partners for research or training experience. This is a unique opportunity to work alongside experienced industry members in world-leading companies.

All fellowships will be hosted in the University of Limerick where fellows will be further supported by one of the following world-leading research and technology centres: Dairy Processing Technology Centre (DPTC), Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Technology Centre (PMTC), both funded by Enterprise Ireland, and the SSPC, the Science Foundation Ireland Pharmaceutical Research Centre and Confirm: Smart Manufacturing, both Science Foundation Ireland funded.

The initiative is co-funded by the European Commission under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme (Grant agreement No. 801165) and by Enterprise Ireland and Science Foundation Ireland, through their respective research and technology centres hosted at the University of Limerick. Adhering to the Marie Curie COFUND principle of individual-driven mobility, applicants will have the freedom to choose their research topic, supervisor and secondment organisations.
Eligibility Criteria:
Eligibility criteria:

• On 2 March 2020, candidates must be in possession of a doctoral degree (PhD) or must have at least four years full-time equivalent research experience.
• Applicants may not have resided or carried out their main activity (e.g. work, study) in Ireland for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the call deadline (2 March 2020). For career-restart and reintegration applications, a relaxed mobility rule applies. Please see the Guide for Applicants at www.process-cofund.eu for further details.

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