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Biophysics of light-induced motility in microalgae

The proposal focusses on the mechanisms by which motile microalgae (prominent e.g. within phytoplankton) sense, elaborate and respond to light. We aim to understand how these ecologically and industrially important microorganisms combine motility (phototaxis) and intracellular processes (photosynthesis and photoprotection) to optimise light exposure. The project, which will combine experiments and modelling, is fundamentally interdisciplinary. Based in the lab of Marco Polin (Physics, U. Warwick), it hinges on an exciting new collaboration with Dimitrios Petroutsos (CEA Grenoble), expert in photosynthesis; and Idan Tuval (IMEDEA, Mallorca), expert in biophysical modelling.

You will be an excellent communicator capable of working effectively both independently and as part of a research team. You will possess excellent planning and time management skills to ensure your research objectives are achieved effectively.

Pay level will be commensurate to prior experience.

If you have not yet been awarded your PhD but are near submission or have recently submitted your PhD, any offers of employment will be made as Research Assistant on level 5 of the University grade structure (£29,515). Upon successful award of your PhD and evidence of this fact, you will be promoted to Research Fellow on the first point of level 6 of the University grade structure (£30,395 pa).

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