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GeCIP Cancer Coordinator (12 month fixed term post)

Overall job purpose:
The postholder is responsible for supporting GeCIP cancer researchers in their use of the Genomics England’s data – from policy development, stakeholder engagement and operational support.

Key accountabilities:
• Policy development and execution - lead on the drafting and enactment of policies and terms of references
• Balance conflicting demands and priorities from different stakeholders to develop policies that balance research ethics and information governance considerations whilst maintaining academic freedoms, and have them approved by the various governing bodies.
• Engineer and enact governance structures and standard operating procedures to instigate given policies in an efficient and effective manner.
• Represent the interests of the academic research community during internal discussions on a variety of topics from intellectual property to data access privileges.
• Develop communication strategies - develop effective communication strategies to manage a community of over 3000 academic researchers
• Produce materials for a variety of audiences and in a variety of formats to foster a collaborative community of researchers.
• Manage a large community of cancer researchers and stimulate their research
• Organise training and networking events for the GeCIP cancer researchers
• Represent the interests of the GeCIP cancer researchers during internal and external discussions.
• Work with the in-house communications team to develop messaging for a wider community of stakeholders.
• Research Environment Development - be the user representative in a multidisciplinary team of individuals developing a multimillion pound research environment
• Input on development priorities given available resource and expected user demand.
• Report to governing bodies and stakeholders on progress and plans.
• Develop the training approach and materials to support users in a complex and novel analytical environment.
• Maintain and develop working relationships - create effective working relationships to form an effective network of individuals from the academic, commercial, charity, and healthcare sectors
• Work with the GeCIP community to develop their research plans, and present them for approval to governing bodies.
• Keep up to date with events within the GeCIP community, including attending teleconferences and face-to-face meetings.
• Work with the Cancer Clinical and Bioinformatics teams
• Represent Genomics England at teleconferences and external events

Essential skills, knowledge and behaviours required for fully effective performance in this role:
• PhD in a life sciences-related field
• Basic project management skills
• Thorough understanding of the academic research sector and its governance and funding structures
• Good understanding of genomics and bioinformatics
• Experience of research in the academic sector (ideally to post-doc level)
• Excellent command of written English with an ability to communicate complex, nuanced messages to a variety of audiences in a variety of forms (from written word to presentations)
• Proven ability to work independently with little guidance
• Ability to balance competing demands and priorities
• Ability to summarise complex research projects and infer their practical requirements
Desirable skills:
• Computer programming skills in e.g. R, Python, MySQL, Bash shell, and experience in using them to analyse complex datasets
• Experience in developing and maintaining databases
• Good understanding of the healthcare sector and clinical research
• Good understanding of research ethics and information governance

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