postdoc position in ‘Roles of RNA-binding proteins in subcellular RNA localization and translation in neurons’

    • Application Deadline
      30 May 2024
      (application date has expired)

    Join our research team in Berlin to explore RNA biology in neurons and neurodegeneration, with a primary focus on Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). This debilitating condition compromises motor neurons essential for skeletal muscle function and movement. We aim to investigate how anomalies in RNA metabolism contribute to the progression of neural degeneration, thereby offering a deeper understanding of the disease's pathology.

    What You Will Do:

    - Use cutting-edge RNA systems biology techniques (e.g., Ribo-seq, SLAM-seq), biochemical assays, and various imaging approaches.
    - Work with human-induced pluripotent stem cell (hiPSC)-based models of neurodegeneration and employ CRISPR gene editing technologies.
    - Apply compartmentalized neuronal cultures, building upon prior research from our lab (Loedige et al., Molecular Cell 2023; Mendonsa et al., Nature Neuroscience 2023; Mendonsa et al., NAR 2021; Ludwik et al., Methods 2019; Zappulo et al., Nature Communications 2017).
    For more details on our research, please visit

    Who We Are Seeking:

    - An enthusiastic researcher skilled in molecular biology techniques and cell culture.
    - Additional experience in RNA biology, neurodegeneration, and hiPSC culture will be beneficial.

    How to Apply:

    Compile your cover letter and CV, including contact information for at least two referees, into a single PDF file. Send your application package to marina.chekulaeva(at) We look forward to receiving your application!

    Suggested Readings:

    (1) Loedige I., Baranovskii A., Mendonsa S., Dantsuji S., Popitsch N., Breimann L., Zerna N., Cherepanov V., Milek M., Ameres S. and Chekulaeva M. mRNA stability and m6A are major determinants of subcellular mRNA localization in neurons. Molecular Cell 3;83(15):2709-2725.e10.
    (2) Mendonsa S., von Kügelgen N., Dantsuji S., Ron M., Breimann L., Baranovskii A., Lödige I., Kirchner M., Fischer M., Zerna N., Bujanic L., Mertins P., Ulitsky I., and Chekulaeva M. (2023) Massively parallel identification of mRNA localization elements in primary cortical neurons. Nature Neuroscience 26: 394–405.
    (3) Mendonsa S., von Kuegelgen N., Bujanic L. and Chekulaeva M. (2021). Charcot-Marie-Tooth mutation in glycyl-tRNA synthetase stalls ribosomes in a pre-accommodation state and activates integrated stress response. Nucleic Acids Research 49(17): 10007-10017.
    (4) Zappulo, A., van den Bruck, D., Ciolli Mattioli, C., Franke, V., Imami, K., McShane, E., Moreno-Estelles, M., Calviello, L., Filiipchyk, A., Peguero-Sanchez, E., Mueller, T., Woehler, A., Birchmeier, C., Merino, E., Rajewsky, N., Ohler. U., Mazzoni, E., Selbach, M., Akalin, A., and Chekulaeva, M. (2017). RNA localization is a key determinant of neurite-enriched proteome. Nature Communications 8(1): 583.

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