Post Doctoral Fellow in Underutilised Fish Ingredient Development

    • Application Deadline
      21 February 2024
      (application date has expired)
    • Job Salary
      £41,081 to £45,322 Post Doc (Level 1) with a Salary Scale of €41,081 to €45,322
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    Basic Function:

    The activities of the successful candidate will include:

    - Development and implementation of protocols and processes for functional food ingredient development from the mesopelagic resources.
    - Assessment of ingredients for bioactivities using developed bioassays available at Teagasc Ashtown.
    - Drafting high impact factor publications for peer scientist and industry.
    - Effective communication with line manager and interaction with project collaborators and industry partners.
    - Cognisance of intellectual property generation.


    The objectives of the Food BioSciences Department at Teagasc include use of foods, food components, co-product and by-products and health promoting microorganisms as food-based solutions to address key societal diet related health concerns including gut health, heart health, inflammation, obesity, and infant nutrition. The group in Teagasc Ashtown have a focus on screening for bioactivities and characterisation of novel molecules/ingredients that can affect sensory, texture, functional, nutritional and bioactive attributes for consumers but also are cognisant of the environmental impact many novel molecules can play in Agriculture and Food. Existing projects within the group include EU funded projects MEESO, Algae4IBD, IDEA and Seasolution as well as the nationally funded projects U-Protein.

    Facilities available to the appointee include a suite of extraction and characterisation equipment including HPLC, UPLC, mass spectrometry as well as established bioassays and microbial facilities. Interaction with other departments (PCFC) and collaborators will also occur. The appointee should be flexible within a fast-paced department and a competent communicator. Interaction with national institutes like the Marine Institute and BIM will occur. The project PROOF is a nationally funded project resulting from the EU funded project MEESO which aims to exploit and develop functional and bioactive ingredients from mesopelagic fish species and to explore consumer attitudes/markets for these products. The appointee will also partake in professional diploma training in conjunction with UCD.

    This professional diploma is a flexible, modular programme which embraces a blended learning approach to align with the Post-Doctoral Fellow's role in Teagasc. It is designed to develop competencies and transferable skills in research, professionalism, communication and career development. The majority of the programme is delivered online with the remaining elements delivered in-person at Teagasc locations. This blended approach affords the Post-Doctoral Fellow the opportunity to meet and network with other Teagasc colleagues. During the course of the diploma Post-Doctoral Fellows will have access to a full range of supports including the UCD library, writing centre and careers centre.

    Background to Teagasc Post-Doctoral Programme:

    This is a research focused training role, the primary purpose of which is to provide early career scientists with the opportunity to develop their research skills and competencies.

    The Post-Doctoral Fellow will, while working in conjunction with senior research staff, gain insight and experience into a variety of areas including the processes of project and budgetary management, the development of active collaboration with relevant national and international research communities, the development of communication and presentation skills and possible experience in the mentorship of students.

    The Post-Doctoral Fellow will conduct a specified programme of research, supported by a modular training programme, which will include modules of relevance for the development of specific knowledge and research skills, professionalism and communication skills, leadership and management skills, and overall career development.

    Modules will be conducted under the supervision and direction of the Dr Maria Hayes or other designated manager in conjunction with the Head of Department.

    A detailed job specification can be accessed on our website at

    To apply interested applicants are required to set up their profile on TOPJobs, the Teagasc recruitment portal.

    Find out more about our recruitment process on

    Duration: 11 Months
    Application deadline: 21st February 2024 Closing Time: 12:00

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