Post-doctoral fellowship (2 years) in inorganic materials chemistry

    A project is available in inorganic materials chemistry with a focus on electroactive surfaces. As a society we are getting quite good at accessing renewable energy, but storage and transport of the harvested energy remains a challenge. Batteries and conductors are two solutions which have changed society in recent decades, and the importance of which was recognised through through a Nobel prize 2019.

    The project aims to develop inorganic electroactive surface through the spin coating of water-soluble precursors, such as polyoxometalates. These surfaces can then be used as capacitors and battery electrodes. The properties of the surfaces can then be tuned by varying the conditions and the composition of the the solutions to suit different applications. The investigation principally focuses on the development of the electrochemical properties of doped transition metal oxides of niobium and tantalum.

    The project will therefore involve the synthesis of inorganic molecules that can be used in spin coating, characterisation of inorganic surfaces and powders using techniques such as PXRD, spectroscopy and electronmicroscopy, and, most importantly, electrochemical methods.

    The stipend will cover two years of full-time studies beginning the 1st of September 2023, or according to mutual agreement. The stipend amounts to SEK 336 000 per year, and is covered by the Kempe foundations.

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