UCD Postdoctoral Research Fellow Level 1 or level 2

    Applications are invited for a temporary post of a Post doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 or Level 2 within UCD School of Biomolecular & Biomedical Science.

    The successful applicant will work on a Fighting Blindness and Health Research Board funded 3 year project (RDCilia) that investigates mechanisms of inherited retinal dystrophies, focused on Bardet Biedl syndrome (BBS). Using C. elegans, the project will employ gene editing to understand why different mutations (variants) in the same BBS gene can cause very different clinical symptoms and provide evidence towards the reclassification of patient ‘variants of uncertain significance’ as likely pathogenic or benign. Furthermore, in collaboration with the UCD cell screening laboratory, RDCilia will conduct high throughput whole animal screening to identify drug compounds that reverse the detrimental effects of BBS patient mutations, and thereby provide potential routes to therapy. For more information on the project, visit https://www.fightingblindness.ie/news/hrci-hrb-joint-funding-scheme-success/ https://www.fightingblindness.ie/news/hrci-hrb-joint-funding-scheme-success/" https://www.fightingblindness.ie/news/hrci-hrb-joint-funding-scheme-success/ and https://people.ucd.ie/oliver.blacque

    Salary range: €41,209 - €47,477 per annum
    Appointment on the above range will be dependent upon qualifications and experience.
    Closing date: 17:00hrs (local Irish time) on 31st January 2023.
    Applications must be submitted by the closing date and time specified.
    Any applications which are still in progress at the closing time of 17:00hrs (Local Irish Time) on the specified closing date will be cancelled automatically by the system. UCD are unable to accept late applications.
    UCD do not require assistance from Recruitment Agencies. Any CV's submitted by Recruitment Agencies will be returned.

    Prior to application, further information (including application procedure) should be obtained from the Work at UCD website: https://www.ucd.ie/workatucd/jobs/

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