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EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme

Join us to work on exciting interdisciplinary research projects in an international setting!

The EMBL Interdisciplinary Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme: Exploring Life in Context (EIPOD-LinC)

The collaborative research projects focus on EMBL’s mission to explore life in context (LinC). Fellows have an EMBL host and a partner from EMBL or from an academic institute, clinic or industry located in an EMBL Member State. Through their projects, candidates gain new skills contributing to interdisciplinary research skill sets.

EIPOD-LinC offers:
- 3-year positions open to all nationalities and candidates with a background in the Life Sciences and other STEM fields
- The possibility to have a research partner from an EMBL Member State
- Travel funds for projects involving partners at different EMBL sites or Member State partner institutes
- Fully funded contracts with healthcare and social securities including pension and unemployment insurance
- Transferable skills training, mentoring and career development support
Call opening: 17th October 2022

Visit: www.embl.org/eipod-linc or contact [email protected]; Information webinar for candidates on October 14th.

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