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Postdoctoral Training Fellow - BRCA1/2 Functional Genomics (Prof Chris Lord)

Research Lead: Professor Chris Lord

We are seeking a creative and motivated Postdoctoral Training Fellow to study the emergence, prevention and treatment of PARP inhibitor resistance in breast and ovarian cancer. PARP inhibitor resistance can emerge via a number of routes, but the most well-described clinical mechanism is via reversion mutations that restore the function of BRCA1/2 (Pettitt et al., Cancer Discovery 2020; reversions.icr.ac.uk).

The proposed project aims to experimentally characterise BRCA reversion mutations, to determine whether certain pathogenic mutations confer different risks of reversion, and whether genetic background, treatment regime or other interventions can modify reversion risk. This will entail the use of high throughput “tiling” CRISPR mutagenesis (Pettitt et al. Nat Comms 2018), insights from computational analysis of reversions (Pettitt et al. Cancer Discovery 2021) and small molecule DDR inhibitors which may modulate reversion development (Zatreanu et al. Nat Comms 2021). Models used will include cell lines, PDX, PDO and syngeneic mouse models, as well as analysis of sequencing data from human biopsies and ctDNA. The post would suit a candidate with strong CRISPR functional genomics, high throughput cell culture and/or DDR experience.

Key Requirements

The successful candidate must have Ph.D. in biology, genetics or other associated subjects together with a knowledge of cancer biology and considerable experience in cell and molecular biology.

The ICR has a workforce agreement stating that Postdoctoral Training Fellows can only be employed for up to 7 years as PDTF at the ICR, providing total postdoctoral experience (including previous employment at this level elsewhere) does not exceed 10 years.

Starting salary is in the range of £38,607 to £41,718 per annum inclusive based on previous postdoctoral experience on relevant Postdoctoral experience. Future progression is based on annual performance review. If the candidate has not yet been awarded their PhD, the starting salary will be at £32,844 until the successful completion of their viva.

This role is eligible for ICR Sponsorship. Support will be provided for costs associated with Visa application and health surcharge

Duration of Contract: Fixed term for 3 years

Please apply on our Careers site, job ref ID345

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