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Ultrasensitive fluorescence microscopy of virus-cell interactions

We are developing and using ultrasensitive fluorescence techniques to track individual viruses both during the infection and budding processes. The infection pathway is investigated by tracking individual particles as they make contact with, enter and are transported within living cells, giving a dynamic picture of the infection process. During the budding process in infected cells, the transport and assembly of viral proteins and their interaction with cellular components are observed in real time using live-cell imaging. Our research focuses on HIV, Herpes Simplex Virus and novel artificial viruses. The viral constructs we use have been mutated to ensure biological safety.

Requirements: We are looking for exceptionally talented and motivated people to work in this interdisciplinary research project. A degree in physics, physical chemistry, engineering, biochemistry or a related subject is required. Candidates must be interested in both optical microscopy and biology. Experience in optics or fluorescence microscopy and cell biology or virology would be advantageous.

Position: TV-L E13

Group:Prof. Don Lamb, LMU Chemistry – Physical Chemistry

Link to Prof. Lamb's webpage: http://www.cup.uni-muenchen.de/pc/lamb/

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