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UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellows Level 1 (x2) & Level 2, School of Chemistry, 2 years

Applications are invited for Temporary 2 years (one year + an optional second year) posts of a Two UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow Level 1 positions & One UCD Post-doctoral Research Fellow Level 2 position within UCD School of Chemistry

Three two-year post-doc positions within the SFI funded project “Towards novel therapies; Development of a glycoconjugate fungal vaccine targeting Cryptococcus neoformans infections” are now being advertised. The aim of the multi-disciplinary project is to develop a first glycoconjugate vaccine against Cryptococcus infections and to investigate the biosynthesis and immunology of the fungal cell wall. A synthetic library of complex oligosaccharide structures corresponding to GXM surface polysaccharides from the fungi Cryptococcus neoformans have been printed on microarrays and screened with mouse monoclonal antibodies to identify protective epitopes,1 which have been used in glycoconjugate vaccine candidates that are now being tested in mice. We will now screen this library with human sera to establish epitopes recognized by the human immune system. We will extend the array with other glycan structures, beta-glucans, to clarify their roles and applicability as complimentary antigens and adjuvants in Cryptococcus infection and vaccine development. We will investigate in detail the interaction between mAbs and GXM glycans, using NMR, X-ray crystallography, molecular modelling, and FRET-probes, to exploit this knowledge in the design of vaccines.2,3 We will further investigate the biosynthesis of the Cryptococcus cell wall, through synthesis and use of labelled glycans, to explore routes towards native polysaccharides suitable for use in vaccines.4 All this in close collaboration with world-leading immunologists with the possibility for internships in their labs.

Salary: PD1 Salary: €39,132 per annum Or PD2 Salary: € 46,442 per annum
Appointment on the above range will be dependent upon qualifications and experience.

Closing date: 17:00hrs (local Irish time) on 29 November 2021
Applications must be submitted by the closing date and time specified. Any applications which are still in progress at the closing time of 17:00hrs (Local Irish Time) on the specified closing date will be cancelled automatically by the system. UCD are unable to accept late applications.
UCD do not require assistance from Recruitment Agencies. Any CV's submitted by Recruitment Agencies will be returned.
Prior to application, further information (including application procedure) should be obtained from the Work at UCD website: https://www.ucd.ie/workatucd/jobs/.

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