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    How strict are examiners after submitting thesis with amended corrections (major corrections)?

    User: azhan - 26 November 2022 20:26

    Hi all,

    A few months back, I received major corrections. Since then I have been working my backside off to do them. Fortunately, I had a lot of free time and managed to get them done. I will be submitting it soon after (supervisor approval) alongside a feedback sheet (the thesis is highlighted where I put the amendments).

    How strict are the examiners when they check amendments?

    I can imagine they forget, right?

    User: BugsBunny - 03 December 2022 01:23

    As long as you have covered everything they requested in their report, and pointed them to your changes in an itemised way (to make it easier for them), then what can they object to? Good luck.

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