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New Post Doc Section

User: pete - 29 January 2010 12:00

Please note there is a new Forum Section for Post Docs

User: caz - 29 January 2010 14:52

Yes indeed - you asked and we listened! :-)

User: Sue2604 - 30 January 2010 20:20

Yes, thank you! Am not at that stage yet but hope to be in the next year, and am sure this will come in handy.

User: TheAce - 01 February 2010 11:52

Woo hoo! I've been looking for a post doc forum for a couple of months. As I couldn't find one I'd started giving my 2p on cycling forums. But now this is here I'm gonna be flaming the boards 24/7 (work permitting). Being a post doc is so much better than being a PhD student, and hopefully being on this forum will be even better than being on the PhD forum! 8-)

User: Danzig - 01 February 2010 13:56

Fantastic. Thanks very much! (up)

User: someone3 - 02 February 2010 16:15

That is brillinat, I was always thinking of something like that will be useful. thank you very much, see you all there.

User: eska - 07 February 2010 18:51

Thank you for listening Pete and the mod team, I'm sure I will really appreciate this one day, and it's good too lurk and get an insight into postdocdom. However, I'm wondering what the postdoc pic on the forum home page is - MA students get coffee beans, makes sense - I remember sprinting through the MA on caffiene; we PhD studes get baked beans, a true and accurate refletion of the extended povdom of our process; but what is that in the postdoc image, is it a lobster? Or perhaps a danish pastry? What did you chose to express the postdoc experience in the language of cornucopia? I can't make it out properly. A trivial query but I can't help wondering.

User: Pete - 07 February 2010 20:35

It's a quality kebab of course.

User: eska - 07 February 2010 21:55

So that's what we have to look forward to, fabulous. But why does 'everything else' - presumably the rest of the universe - get sausages on a barbeque?

User: walminskipeasucker - 08 February 2010 01:24

Quote From Pete:
It's a quality kebab of course.
Pete, you really can't use a kebab to represent post-docs; it's an assault to their worth. Being a post-doc is a proper job (albeit a short one that is insecure and can end at the flick of a switch) and being a PhD student, although it is a proper job (I can vouch for that), is still a student status. Kebabs represent student food, which is something that post-docs don't eat. So, in short, I find it demeaning. Can you not change it to, say, battered fish, waffles and beans, or something that is part of a normal balanced diet?

User: Pete - 08 February 2010 09:06

This is no ordinary kebab, this is an M&S prime fillet kebab with rocket and hand picked cherry tomatoes. ;)

User: eska - 08 February 2010 20:18

Don't tell me! You have a food stylist and photographer who specialise in crude student grub. That kebab is beautifully arranged and shot - would never have guessed its identity.

I really would like something more appetizing to graduate to though, surely postdocs can afford a tasty snack.

User: hankyjohn - 25 January 2011 09:27

======= Date Modified 25 Jan 2011 09:28:04 =======
great forum. Where this post has been moved?

User: Mathcomp - 27 April 2015 14:38

Where is this section?

User: DocInsanity - 27 April 2015 14:46

Oops! Thought this was a recent development from the recent addition...
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