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    Struggling to find a PhD Scholarship in the realm of International Entrepreneurship
    Sabby777 [Registered User]
    Study buddy
    MinervaPhD [Registered User]
    Are PhD offer and ESRC nomination binded?
    samantha23 [Registered User]
    I need advice about my thesis revisions
    tr1992 [Registered User]
    Can I reject some Viva Corrections?
    TeodosioCosta [Registered User]
    Newbie jitters? Or absolute mistake?
    biopsychosocial_stew [Registered User]
    Post PhD blues
    chaotic1328 [Registered User]
    PhD viva devastation: Revise and resubmit with another viva.
    Nicoladb [Registered User]
    Edenman [Registered User]
    Literature review tips, tricks and tactics
    CH01 [Registered User]
    I can publish! Is it possible to find a remote job?
    af0001996 [Registered User]
    PhD after resubmission nightmare - thanks to all!
    PhDFinally19732 [Registered User]
    Formatting thesis including published articles
    SEM [Registered User]
    Advice for online PhD interview presentation
    CorvusCorone [Registered User]
    I abhor my PhD environment
    Qas [Registered User]
    PhD funding History with a high 2:1 and a Merit.
    JSHT21 [Registered User]
    How strict are examiners after submitting thesis with amended corrections (major corrections)?
    azhan [Registered User]
    PhD Supervisor Problems with 2 months to go
    waffle [Registered User]
    Switch PHD from FT to PT back to FT
    CalvinPlummer [Registered User]
    PhD in physics with a low 2.1 and distinction in masters
    aaa269906 [Registered User]
    ESRC funding with my CV
    Sabela [Registered User]
    ESRC funding with MSc Pass
    Sabela [Registered User]
    PhD with Low 2.1 and Distinction
    aaa269906 [Registered User]
    Overwhelemed and too stupid for PhD
    Smiths [Registered User]
    Should I quit PhD and start full time job with just over 6 months left!?!?!?
    highopes [Registered User]
    PHD get stuck, support needed
    Nona_ni [Registered User]
    Revise and resubmit - but i don't trust my internal examiner.
    tr1992 [Registered User]
    Need advice about appeal procedures against the results of the university examination
    Withhope [Registered User]
    How much for proof reading?
    shoulder [Registered User]
    Given a choice at viva
    SteelCity [Registered User]
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