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Postdoctoral Fellow in Early Embryo Development

  • Application Deadline
    30 October 2017
    (application date has expired)

The laboratory of Dr. Janet Rossant is currently seeking outstanding young scientists to join our research group as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow. The Rossant lab has a long history of investigating the mechanism of cell fate decisions in the early mouse embryo and their application to the maintenance and differentiation of embryo-derived stem cells. Our current research combines tools of molecular genetics, live imaging, proteomics and single cells expression analysis to explore the fundamental aspects of lineage development.

Utilizing various embryo derived stem cell types we hope to gain a better understanding of normal embryo development and how this applies to human pluripotent and the totipotent cell state. This work can then translate into improved reproductive technologies, and novel stem cell-derived therapies for human disease. We are also applying our developmental knowledge to the differentiations of human iPS cells into cell types suitable for exploring new aspects of regenerative medicine.

A postdoctoral project in our research group will involve utilizing various molecular and imaging tools to study early embryo development. Specifically we are looking for individuals interested in studies of polarity, patterning and/or morphogenesis of the developing embryo. These studies include but are not limited to; analyzing the role of biophysical interactions by manipulation of tensile forces in the embryo and isolation of blastomeres to study the dynamics of physical forces during morphogenesis.

Another potential avenue of research involves exploring the relationship between zygotic genome activation and pluripotency. We will explore the relationship between zygotic genome activation at the 2-cell stage and later activation of the lineage specifiers of the pluripotent and trophectoderm fate. We will use high content cell-based screens in ES cells with small molecule inhibitor or activator libraries targeting pathways identified by our studies of ZGA regulation and early lineage activation.

Other projects around these areas of research are also welcome.

Applicant Criteria:
• PhD with previous postgraduate training in cell biology, molecular biology, bioengineering, systems biology or a closely related field.
• Prior experience with stem cells, development, molecular genetics and/or bioinformatics would be an asset.
• Prior first author publications are highly desirable.
• Must be self-motivated, well-organized, highly independent, and willing to collaborate with other researchers.
• Excellent communication, written and interpersonal skills are mandatory.

A detailed CV with the names and contact information for at least three references should accompany the application.

This position is located in Toronto, Canada at The Hospital for Sick Children. SickKids is one of the largest and most respected paediatric healthcare centres in the world. As innovators in child health, we lead and partner to improve the health of children through the integration of healthcare, leading-edge research and education. SickKids is committed to ongoing learning and development, and features a caring and supportive work environment that combines exceptionally high standards of practice.

Interested candidates should please submit their CV via e-mail to Dr. Janet Rossant . A curriculum vita including a short description of scientific achievements and future scientific endeavours is required.

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