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Post-doctoral Training Fellow, Functional Genomics team

We are seeking a post-doctoral training fellow analytical scientist with experience in single cell bioinformatics to join the Breast Cancer Research Functional Genomics and Bioinformatics Groups at the Breast Cancer Now Centre (ICR, South Kensington, Chelsea, London). Our goal is to use single cell sequencing approaches to investigate the sub-clonal make up of treatment resistant breast cancers in order to identify new molecular markers and targetable pathways of breast cancer. Results will be validated by wet lab members within the team.

You will work as part of a team of inter-disciplinary data scientists who are experts in single cell genomic analysis, NGS-data analysis, machine learning and software development; and therefore offering unique learning opportunities. Your work will focus on the development and validation of hypotheses, dissecting genetic/genomic and transcriptomic assays to delineate driver genes and pathways of breast cancer. The work will include application of existing tools using in-house and publicly available datasets. These datasets will require strong analytical skills to perform integrated analysis and visualisation of complex multi-omic datasets. You will have opportunities to create/optimise computational pipelines and develop new methods for the analysis and interpretation of big data in breast cancer. You will be encouraged to participate in the design and planning of these projects. You will work closely with experimental biologists and hence it is essential to be able to communicate your findings effectively to biologists and clinicians.

Applicants should hold a PhD in molecular biology/computational biology/ bioinformatics/biostatistics, and have experience in statistical programming and scripting, experience in analysis of next-generation sequencing data and must have a basic knowledge of biology and experience in manuscript writing.

This position is offered on a fixed term contract for 18 months. Starting salary is in the range of £32,844* to £38,607 per annum inclusive based on previous postdoctoral experience
*thesis submitted, awaiting PhD award

Please apply on the ICR site, job ref 1218

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