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Biophysics: Single molecule investigation of chromosomal proteins

This is a postdoc position in the lab of Prof. Johannes Stigler. Our lab at the LMU Gene Center is interested in the molecular details that lead to the organization and maintenance of chromosomal information. To this end, we use single molecule methods, such as DNA curtains microscopy or optical tweezers to study the biophysical properties of the protein machinery that is involved in these processes. We are looking for a motivated and skilled postdoc to join our team and take over one of the ongoing projects involving improvements to methodologies, the expression and modification of a protein complexes as well as their biophysical characterization.

Requirements: Candidates should have a strong background in biophysics or biochemistry and should be familiar with protein expression from various hosts, as well as their purification and modification. Experience with programming and quantitative data analysis as well as familiarity with single molecule techniques are encouraged.

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