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Contract Research Officer

This position will be filled by a researcher with a qualification in microbiology, molecular biology or a related discipline. The primary role will be culture dependent and culture independent (DNA sequencing-based) analysis of dairy fermentate-producing lactic acid bacteria and of the impact of these fermentates on gut microbial populations. Experience in analysing high throughput DNA sequencing data and/or laboratory scale fermentations would be an advantage. The Research Officer will also contribute to the management of the FHI Fermentates Pillar and liaising with the FHI Centre Director, other FHI PIs and researchers and the associated Industry partners.

Food for Health Ireland (FHI) unites world-class science and industry expertise to improve health through innovation in food. Its purpose is to identify novel ingredients coming from milk to develop functional food ingredients that will offer health benefits to consumers. FHI links world-class academic research with industry vision for the potential of successful market innovations. The industry-focused research strategy within FHI includes the identification, development and exploitation of novel milk-derived bioactive compounds for improving health and wellbeing. FHI also provides a pipeline for the development of new functional food ingredients and products with validated health benefits for consumers.

The FHI approach is to work with Irish food industry partners and in close connection with scientists. FHI has built a unique bridge between high-class research organisations and industry needs. FHI also provides a contract research facility for small and large global food companies utilising our competencies, resources and technologies. This service provides a gateway to academic research in Ireland and supports open innovation. FHI has completed over 60 projects of this kind since 2008.

Main Duties and Responsibilities:
• Assess the health benefits (including gut microbiome modulating activity) of dairy fermentates.
• Contribute to the characterization of fermentate-generating lactic acid bacteria.
• Perform laboratory scale fermentations.
• Assist in the coordination, writing and submission of reports.
• Provide day to day support to FHI3 Fermentates Pillar lead PI and Teagasc-associated team members.
• Engage with industry and academic partners.
• Assist in the dissemination and exploitation of research results through publication in high impact journals, protection of intellectual property, education and public engagement and other appropriate routes.
• Work with post-doctoral scientists on site to generate results.
• Assist Teagasc in meeting the commitments of the Quality Customer Service charter and action plan.
• Actively participate in the annual business planning and Performance Management Development System (PMDS) processes.
• Fully co-operate with the provisions made for ensuring the health, safety and welfare of themselves, fellow staff and non-Teagasc staff and co-operate with management in enabling Teagasc to comply with legal obligations. This includes full compliance with the responsibilities outlined in the Safety Statement.
• Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time.

An application form for this position can be accessed on the Teagasc Website at www.teagasc.ie/careers

Completed application forms should be TYPED, saved in PDF format and submitted by email to [email protected] no later than 12 noon on Friday 22nd February 2019.

Applications received after this time will not be considered. Please state relevant reference code in all correspondence.

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