Postdoctoral Fellow, Chromosomal Translocations & Intracellular Antibody (Prof T Rabbitts)

    This role will be under the leadership of Professor Terence Rabbitts We are seeking to appoint an highly motivated Post Doctoral Training Fellow. This project is a part of the CR-UK-NCI Grand Challenge Next Generation T cell therapies for childhood cancers (NexTGen).
    This project is a part of the CR-UK-NCI Grand Challenge Next Generation T cell therapies for childhood cancers (NexTGen).

    This project aims to develop intracellular antibodies to target cancer-specific chromosomal translocation fusion proteins, and development strategies to deliver these into cancer cells with tumours in vivo from cellular vehicles, specifically CAR-T cells.

    Key Requirements

    You should possess a PhD in molecular biology and have experience in working with recombinant proteins, in particular phage antibodies. You must also have experience with protein engineering and cloning as well as tissue culture, transfection and lentivirus/retrovirus and biophysical methods for assaying protein interaction in cells.

    The ICR has a workforce agreement stating that Postdoctoral Training Fellows can only be employed for up to 7 years as PDTF at the ICR, providing total postdoctoral experience (including previous employment at this level elsewhere) does not exceed 10 years

    Division Information:

    Professor Terry Rabbitts’ research is focused on new strategies using intracellular antibodies and derivates for therapy aimed at hard-to-drug chromosomal translocation gene products, such as tumour-specific chromosomal translocation fusion proteins. We are developing technologies using intracellular antibodies with warheads that influence cellular pathways to interfere with tumour viability together with methods to allow systemic delivery of these engineered intracellular antibodies.

    The work is funded as part of CRUK-NCI-funded Grand Challenge programme NexTGen (Next Generation T cells for Childhood Cancer) aims to make fusion protein-specific intracellular antibodies to bind to EWS-FLI1 and related proteins. This will be delivered to tumours in vivo by hijacking tumour targeting CAR-T cells. The work will involve new methods for specific intracellular antibodies and delivery protocols utilising CAR-T cells and their recognition of tumour surfaces to mediate transfer of the intracellular antibodies.

    The Salary Range is £40,107 - £46,724 per annum. If the candidate has not yet been awarded their PhD, the starting salary will be at £34,344 until the successful completion of their viva. Future progression is based on annual performance review. This is a fixed term contract for 3 years.

    We encourage all applicants to access the job pack on our Careers website for more detailed information regarding this role. (ID450) You may contact Prof. Terry Rabbitts for further information by emailing [email protected].

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