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Postdoctoral Training Fellows - Epigenetics and/or Haematology, Prof Kristian Helin

Under the leadership of Professor Kristian Helin we are seeking to appoint several Postdoctoral Training Fellows to join the Epigenetics and Cancer team in the Division of Cancer Biology. The successful candidates will work on projects either focusing on mechanistic understanding of the role of epigenetic modifications in gene expression and cell fate determination and/or in hematological cancers. The PDTF will be a member of a highly interactive and collaborative team that likes constructive and critical discussions required to be on the scientific forefront.

Key Requirements

The posts are particularly suitable for candidates who are interested in identifying potential novel targets for the development of anti-cancer therapy. These projects involve the development and use of clinically relevant model systems in combination with CRISPR-CAS9 based screens and the subsequent biological and biochemical characterization of identified genes. Alternatively, the applicants will work on more mechanistically based projects related to understanding epigenetic regulation of transcription and cell-fate determination. The projects involve the use of advanced techniques in molecular and cellular biology, genetics, biochemistry and for some projects mouse models. Therefore, the successful candidates are expected to have experience in some of these techniques.

The ICR has a workforce agreement stating that Postdoctoral Training Fellows can only be employed for up to 7 years as PDTF at the ICR, providing total postdoctoral experience (including previous employment at this level elsewhere) does not exceed 10 years.

The post is fixed-term for 3 years.

Department/Directorate Information:

The Epigenetics and Cancer team, directed by Professor Kristian Helin, studies how fundamental biological processes are regulated and how these become perturbed in cancer. Our vision is that we through our research can play a role in developing new therapies for people with cancer and at the same time provide new insights into mechanisms regulating transcription, stem cell identity, and differentiation. Our research is mainly focused on how chromatin-associated proteins (epigenetics) regulate transcription and control cell-fate decisions. We are using a host of different methods in biochemistry, cell biology, and genetics (including mouse genetics) and a number of high-throughput genetic methods to identify potential novel therapeutic targets and achieve our goals

We encourage all applicants to access the job pack attached for more detailed information regarding this role. For further information discussion regarding the role, you may contact Kristian Helin at [email protected]

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