Join us as PostDoc in improving the applicability of optically pumped magnetometers

    • Application Deadline
      30 June 2022
      (application date has expired)
    • Contact Name
      Ingo Breunig

    As part of an international research project, we want to broaden and improve the applicability of optically pumped magnetometers (OPM). These magnetometers belong to the new field of "quantum technologies", in which one wants to use photonic or atomic quantum states as a new sensing technology. At their core, OPM are small laser spectrometers in which the otherwise perturbing magnetic field dependency of the absorption spectrum is exploited to measure an external magnetic field. Thus, OPM enable the measurement of extremely weak magnetic fields with comparably little effort.

    The core topic of the project is the development of particularly compact, highly integrated sensors using microsystem technology (MST) methods. The subject of the work will be the conception and implementation of optical, mechanical, and electrical components of the OPM, with the aim of further miniaturization and improvement of the detection sensitivity.

    The position is based under the Laboratory for Optical Systems at IMTEK (Prof. Karsten Buse).
    Part of the work will be carried out in the working group of Svenja Knappe (University of Colorado Boulder, USA) who is one of the pioneers of microfabricated OPMs. The work will be done in close cooperation with the group “Nonlinear optics and quantum sensing” at Fraunhofer IPM Freiburg (Dr. Frank Kühnemann).

    We are looking for a Ph.D. in experimental physics, experience in magnetometry with OPM. Background in atomic physics /optical pumping is advantageous. Experience with commercial OPM would be nice. The employment is based on a 100 % E13 job for two years.
    Very good English and German language skills as well as the willingness to undertake longer research stays at the University of Colorado Boulder are prerequisite.

    Please send your application (letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, certificates) to PD Dr. Ingo Breunig ([email protected]). He will also be happy to answer questions about the job advertisement.

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