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Experimental design and operation of an optical levitation set-up to implement quantum sensors

The Quantum Nanophotonics Laboratory Group at CFM is is offering a postdoctoral
position (2+1 years) starting in March 2022 to work under the supervision of Prof. Gabriel
Molina-Terriza, in collaboration with Dr. Pellicer and Dr. Varga, in the experimental design
and operation of an optical levitation set-up to implement quantum sensors.

The position will be funded by the IKUR strategy and industrial partners. IKUR is the Basque
strategy promoted by the Education Department of the Basque Government to boost the
Scientific Research in specific strategical areas and to position the Basque Country at the
forefront of international research in those fields.

The selected candidate will be hired by the Research Association MPC - Materials Physics
Center. The salary will be of 34.780,80 euros during the first year before taxes.

The Quantum Nanophotonics Laboratory Group at the Center of Materials Physics addresses fundamental aspects of the interaction of light and matter at the nanoscale in the quantum regime. Current research topics in the group include optical trapping and levitation,
classical and quantum scattering, and quantum technologies. For more information, visit our
web: https://cfm.ehu.es/QNanoLab/

Candidates must hold a PhD degree in Physics or Electrical Engineering, preferably in the
field of Optical trapping and levitation. Expertise in quantum sources of light, in particular of
squeezed light, and optical cooling of levitated particles will be highly appreciated for this
particular position, as well as background in Python programming.

Suitable candidates can apply for this position by email to [email protected] before the 31st of January 2022. The email should have the subject label “Post-doc CFM-Optical Levitation” and contain the following information:

1- An updated Curriculum Vitae

2- A presentation letter with declaration of interests (max. 1 page).

3- Two reference letters and/or contact email of two potential referees.

General enquiries or questions about this position should be submitted by email to:
[email protected] with the subject label “Postdoc CFM-Optical Levitation” where “Postdoc CFM-Optical Levitation” refers to the Job Offer Reference code you are interested in
(thus, separate emails are required to apply for different job offers).

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