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Postdoctoral Research Associate in Correlated Magnets and Quantum Information Science

We are looking for a postdoctoral research associate to develop and perform novel pump-probe resonant inelastic x-ray scattering measurements on rare earth materials. This will be interpreted in a friendly and dynamic team environment, including collaboration with theory members of the team and other experimental techniques such as neutron scattering and scanning tunneling microscopy.

This position will be based in the X-Ray Scattering Group in the Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science Department and will involve working closely with the National Synchrotron Light Source II.

The Condensed Matter and Materials Science Division has a long strong tradition in strongly correlated electron physics, both experimentally and theoretically. In conjunction with BNL’s Computational Science Initiative and NSLS II and researchers at Stony Brook University, it is leveraging this expertise to conduct investigations into the coherence and entanglement properties of many-body magnetic solid state systems based on rare earths. These investigations will have two thrusts. In the first, pulsed laser experimental modalities will be developed to probe the non-equilibrium properties of rare-earth based magnetic chain systems. These modalities will exploit the unusually long lifetimes present in such materials. In the second, quantum computational modalities informed by quantum information theoretic approaches will be developed to describe the non-equilibrium dynamics of such rare-earth materials.

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