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Engineer with doubts about postdoc

User: DrWhat - 29 February 2012 21:51

Hello, I'm a PhD engineer who was looking for jobs in which I could do some research. Eventually I applied for a postdoc and I got it. Now I have several doubts about how this choice can condition my career expectations for the future.

1st of all, I probably differ from many of yours because nowadays my true interest is not to develop research in some definite study topic and eventually become an expert in this, but gaining more skills and professional experience to develop a fruitful career as a research engineer.

I prefer a job in which I can do some outstanding or interesting research rather than many dull jobs in the industry. I have no preference for some concrete topic, or better to say, I am still able to focus on several research alternatives with ease with my problem-solving, engineer-mind.

For this reason my postdoc topic is related but not really much with my PhD.

I would want to consider this postdoc as any other engineering job but with a high amount of research and some degree of independence. I'm afraid that the "true" purpose of a postdoc is ONLY to develop a senior researcher or academic career.

I simply see it as a stage job and an opportunity to enrich myself (both in wealth and knowledge) rather than a first step towards an academic path in that particular topic. So, is it correct my point of view? Should I give a try and accept it without remorse ?

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