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User: psharma - 09 February 2012 21:08

Hi, I need some advise regarding changing my postdoc lab. I joined a lab with high expectations 4 months back. After two weeks it turned out to be a complete disaster. I do not get along with my PI and every discussion with him turns out a complete humiliation and demoralizing event for me. I do not get to learn anything and everytime i try to do something new, I am pulled down and humiliated. I talked to my PhD advisor and he also suggested me to change labs. Two postdocs before me also left the lab that I am in, in less than 6 months because of the PI's attitude. So, now I am applying for new postdoc positions before I go into complete depression and loose all love for research. Since I have not worked for more than 6 months in the lab and am currently looking for postdoc positions, do I have to mention it in my CV or cover letter? Most fellow postdocs have suggested me to mention it when I am invited for the interview to avoid the chance of not even being called for an interview as some PI's might consider me changing labs so soon an issue and me loosing an opportunity to even demonstrate what my abilities are as a researcher. Any guidance regarding this would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

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