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Clinical Research Associate - experience?

User: Nephrite - 04 February 2012 08:38

I graduated in Molecular biology in my home country and then moved abroad and finished a part-time PhD. Because it was a part-time most of the time I had to guide my work alone, I was winning scholarships, I was moving from place to place and finally I composed my dissertation work.
In the moment I occupy a post doc position in the country I got my PhD, but it is temporary. The problem is that I was working in few different fields of science and even though I have many skills, my knowledge is somehow.....chaotic and I don` t think I am competitive enough to fight for a better post doc position where I can become really highly qualified. On the other hand life goes on, I live like a nomad so many years and I wish to return to my country but the only one job I can find there is a Clinical Research Associate. They all want experience - 1.5 year at least and I have no idea where can I get it from.
I browsed the on-line MS programmes but the education fees are........I`ve never even dreamed of so much money!
I don` t have a problem to start at lower position in the CR field but have no idea what is the position I should search for.
Can anybody help me, please?

User: Chris82 - 05 May 2012 21:39

Hi Nephrite, I am not an expert as myself I am trying to get into clinical research but I find it very difficult. My understanding is that the most accepted "entry-level" position for clinical research is CTA (clinical trials assistant/administrator/associate). Also, especially if your PhD involved a lot of data “Data analyst” can be an option. Even for these positions sometimes experience is necessary but this depends on the company. Hope that helps. Chris

User: wenziga - 09 May 2012 08:23

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User: Nephrite - 13 June 2012 19:53

Thank you. Good luck:-)

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