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    Advice for online PhD interview presentation

    User: CorvusCorone - 08 December 2022 14:36

    I recently applied for an advertised PhD project and I've made it to the interview stage. For the interview I have been asked to prepare a 5-minute presentation explaining (1) why I am interested/attracted to the project and (2) what skills and attributes I will bring to the research/project. I will also not be allowed to use PowerPoint, to deliver the presentation. As far as I'm aware, it will be a freeform presentation. I knew that I would have to do some sort of presentation, but honestly I expected them to ask me to present about a recent research project of mine or about this PhD project. And the fact that I can't use PowerPoint threw me off a bit. I have emailed the primary supervisor asking if I would be allowed a presentation/notes off-screen to refer to, but he is yet to respond. Does anyone have any advice for doing a freeform PhD interview presentation?

    I'm thinking of just preparing my presentation on PowerPoint so it makes it easier for me to practice. If I'm then allowed to have the presentation on my screen during the interview I'm already sorted. Here's the structure I have planned so far:

    Slide 1: Introduce myself, my degree, what I'm currently doing

    Slide 2: Why am I interested in a PhD, why am I interested in this specific project, what are my motivations, how this project aligns with my future goals

    Slide 3: What skills will I bring, fieldwork relevant skills such as sampling techniques, research skills, communication skills (written, verbal and interpersonal), self-management skills (ability to work with minimal supervision), organisational and time-management skills

    Slide 4: Summary, demonstrate my passion for the project, focus on why it aligns with my ambitions, not just my academic/career path, convey curiosity and determination

    I'll use real-life examples for Slides 3 & 4 to evidence my skills and attributes. Aside from my initial question, does anyone think I should add or remove anything?

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