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Does anyone use this forum?

User: potatoes - 12 September 2012 19:11

Hi there, I have passed my viva and am looking for a post position in Finance.  I have a couple of questions but before I ask them, I was wondering whether anyone uses this forum? It seems the PhD forum has lots of people but the post docs seems a little empty.  Just a query? Potatoes

User: reenie - 13 September 2012 11:53

Hi Potatoes, hopefully some other people will respond, but yes, this part of the forum is definitely quieter. We have no problem with postdocs posting in the PhD forum if you think you might get a better response there.

User: potatoes - 13 September 2012 15:59

Thanks for the reply. I will put a post in the usual PhD forum and see what happens. Potatoes

User: keenbean - 13 September 2012 17:47

Hi potatoes! I'm a post-doc now too and spent all of my PhD on the PhD forum, but you're right- this one is very quiet! I still post in the PhD one sometimes, it's nice to catch up with others who are still PhD-ing too! Best, KB

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