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    Post Doc Interview Presentation

    User: tataz - 07 January 2017 22:41

    Hi everyone,

    I have an interview next week for a post doc job, and I have to give a 15 minutes presentation on my recent research background before the start of the interview. Does anyone could can offer some advice or a copy of your ppt please?

    Thank you!

    User: TreeofLife - 10 January 2017 14:38

    I don't think a copy of someone else's presentation will help you. As a postdoc applicant, you must have done a fair few presentations before, right? Just give a brief background, summarise your main results, mention your methods (as relevant for the position in particular) as you go though, show the significance of the work and say what papers you got/will get and that's enough.

    User: oasis07 - 30 June 2017 18:24

    Hi Sneaks, I am new in the interview process. Could you please give me advices and copy of your ppt? Thanks

    User: GraNdMind - 07 July 2017 17:55

    Hi Sneaks, can you send me your ppt as a private message as well?

    User: noukhezahmed - 04 March 2018 13:06

    Hi Sneaks, can you send me your ppt as a private message as well?

    User: nedu - 04 June 2018 18:40

    Hello Sneaks, kindly send me your mentioned presentation.

    User: ru40342 - 05 June 2018 11:03

    Hi Sneaks, can you send me your presentation ppt? Thank you

    User: Vilie - 01 September 2018 19:08

    Hi Claudia,

    I am applying for postdoctoral positions as well and would like to know how it was your interview. If you were hired, how did made your presentation. For me they asked 10 slides for 10 min of my previous work. I don't know if it is of all my works or only from my PhD studies.

    Best regards
    16 to 23 of 23 PostDoc Forum Posts

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